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Logo of The Friends of The New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped: Within a circle is a family with their pets. Around the circle is our organization name, The Friends of the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped. THE FRIENDS OF THE NEW JERSEY LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND AND HANDICAPPED


The Friends of the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which promotes financial assistance and acts as an advocacy group for the New Jersey State Library Talking Book and Braille Center. We meet twice a year on the first Saturday in June and December. The next meeting will be held on Saturday June 4th from 10 AM to 12 PM followed by lunch from 12 PM to 1 PM at the Grace Lutheran Church, 600 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861. Directions are at the end of this newsletter. We alternate locations between Mercer County in December and Middlesex County in June to accommodate the northern and southern members. At our meetings we voice our opinions concerning the direction of the Talking Book and Braille Center and learn about TBBC's new developments. We look forward to you joining us at our next meeting. For more details and to become a member see our application in this newsletter. Our E-Mail address is Friendsnjlbh@yahoo.com. We are also in the process of setting up our own website.

I have always given and promoted Campbell labels to TBBC for the library to receive the promotions. In the past I had to struggle getting the labels off the jars or cans and after all that trouble I found out I ripped to shreds the bar code. Now there is an easier and better way for the library to get these labels without any hardship from me.

The following is an article from the New Jersey State Library Newsletter by Joyce Christianson:

"TBBC is always collecting Campbell labels for education. We thank so many of you who support this program regularly. Our Youth Services staff orders supplies for the children's summer reading program and our deaf services coordinator orders items to use with our monthly deaf children's story hour. This program also enables any staff member to get items he/she might need here in the Library in their everyday work.
Campbell's also offers bonus points at certain times of the year. Right now for every label we send in, Campbell's will double the points.

Campbell has a new program some of you might be interested in if you have access to a computer. It is http://elabelsforeducation.com. Here is how it works: You can electronically collect 1 point for each participating Labels for Education product purchased using your shopper card at participating stores.

  1. Register. Go to http://elabelsforeducation.com and create your profile. Enter your shopper card number from a participating retailer, and then select a school or library you would like to support. In our case, we are still NJ Library for the Blind.
  2. Shop. Swipe. Earn. Each participating product that you purchase will earn 1 point that will be automatically credited to us.
  3. Redeem. Our Library will then redeem these points without you having to save or send anything in to us.
    Some of the stores who participate in our area are: ShopRite, Safeway, Genuardi's & Kroger.

You can still clip and send in UPC labels to us and we will get the actual face value of the label. With the e-labels, no matter what the label value is, we are just credited 1 point, but it is easier for you to do.
If you have any questions, go to their web site or call Joyce Christensen at 1-800-792-8322 ext. 807. Joyce can also give a list of eligible products. Again we thank you for your support of this program. "

Since my early childhood I have enjoyed reading books from TBBC (formerly known as NJLBH). Now I can share my reading experiences and insights with other readers in a Book Club held quarterly at TBBC. Recently the library has added conference calling for those who cannot physically be at the library for the Book Club meetings. Since I do not live near the library, I have chosen this option. Any eligible patrons interested in the Book Club, please contact Karen Carson at 1-800-792-8322.

Spring is the season for new beginnings and the Friends of the NJLBH hope to increase our membership and donations to benefit TBBC. As an incentive the Friends promote A Heartfelt Thank you, A special Donation Club for those who participate, donors names will be mentioned in our newsletters. A patron recently bequeathed a very generous amount to the Friends of the NJLBH. Part of this donation will be used to purchase additional cartridges and mailers for the purpose of duplicating additional copies of books provided by the National Library Service. We appreciate our Friends and your support for the future of TBBC.

Thank you,
Elisabeth P. Dougherty
President of the Friends of NJLBH

One of our goals as Friends officers is to provide our members with choices of media in which they can read our newsletters. As of now, the newsletter is available in large print, e-mail and cassette. Our newsletter can be read on Newsline and will soon be available on Audiovision. Many of you have asked if it can be recorded on a digital cartridge. Unfortunately, at this time, the Friends are unable to do so. Please use the attached membership form to advise us of your preference for receiving our newsletter or update your e-Mail address.

The Friends organization is in the process of developing our own website. The purpose of the website is to keep members abreast of developments concerning the Friends and the Library. The website will also provide links to other valuable resources and a Q and A. The future address of the website is http://www.friendsnjlibraryfortheblind.org/

On October 3, 2009, The New Jersey Talking Book and Braille Center (formerly the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped) sponsored a fall festival where author Mary Jane Clark was the keynote speaker. After her wonderful talk, Ms. Clark and several members of the Friends of NJLBH were talking about blindness and its ramifications. Mary Jane Clark mentioned that she would like to feature a blind character in one of her books. The group offered to give her some insights into what it was like to be blind.
Since Friends Secretary Ottilie Lucas was a rehabilitation teacher, the group thought it natural that she could answer Ms. Clark's questions.

On January 26, 2011, NJTBBC sent Friends members an e-mail acknowledging Mary Jane Clark's new Book "To Have and To Kill" which is the first book in her Wedding Cake series. In this book, character Terry Donovan is losing her sight due to macular degeneration. In the accompanying acknowledgement, Mary Jane Clark publicly thanks Ottilie Lucas for the tips she had given to her regarding living with blindness. "I was very humbled that an author would approach me for help with understanding blindness. Mary Jane's character didn't hide her blindness but realized she had to adapt to her situation" stated Ottilie. "Mary Jane Clark was extremely appreciative and was more like a friend than an author." In a Booktalk segment with Stephen Usury, Mary Jane Clark reiterated that her visit to the NJTBBC inspired her to create the character of Terry Donovan. She stated that she had been extremely impressed by the blind people she met, the ways in which they adapted to their blindness and their positive attitudes. According to Ottilie Lucas, "Mary Jane Clark's depiction of Terry Donovan was very realistic," and she was flattered that Mary Jane Clark was able to use the information Ottilie provided to her.

TO HAVE AND TO KILL is available as a download at any audio retailer.

The Friends of NJLBH would like to thank the following people for their generous donation. John Taylor, Ed Fedush, Barbara Pirie, Frances Wilkinson and Family, and especially Phyllis Clark.

Grace Lutheran Church
600 New Brunswick Ave.
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Cross Street "Convery Blvd."

Take Route #1 to Route 287

Take 287 south ramp to NJ 440/interstate 95/Raritan Center/ Perth Amboy

Merge onto 287 South

Continue onto 440 North

Exit onto US 9 north

Take New Brunswick Avenue exit toward Perth Amboy/Fords

Turn left at County Road 616/New Brunswick Ave.

Church is at 600 New Brunswick Ave.



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